Meet the Editors & Designer

We are so pleased to be releasing the third issue of The Canvas Magazine after lots of hard work from everyone involved. Issue three brings exciting new pieces of art in both video and audio formats alongside lots of other interesting content by students, alumni and lecturers at the University of Reading. 

The editors for this issue include Jo Farrant who is a student studying Art and Creative writing and Frances Hudson who studies English literature and creative writing. They have worked alongside the website designer, Amy Babington, a student of the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication.

The Canvas team would of course like to thank Peter Robinson for his continued dedication and support in creating the magazine. It is thanks to him that the editors, designer and the writers have a platform to showcase their work. A special thanks also goes to Eric Kindel, Typography and Graphic Communication department, who also continues to support the designer for each issue from the as part of the Real Jobs scheme. 

As ever, if the work presented here inspires you to submit your own, please send it our way at Find out how to become part of the fourth issue by heading over to our submit section on the website.

For now, enjoy the third issue!
The Canvas Arts Team 

Cover Credits:Geoff Sawers, Wood Anemones, Acrylic on paper, 720x470mm. © Geoff Sawers, 2021

Geoff studied Fine Art at Reading (1986–90) and has worked for many years with Two Rivers Press. He has also written and illustrated a number of books for them aswell as maps and diagrams for The Literary Gift Company. He lives in Reading and is a fan of loud and obscure music.