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Rhys Shanahan

Rice Paper
Damon Young

Hopkins & Hallam
Note from Naomi Lebens

Before I go I have to say...
Kate Pursglove

Some Other Where
Steven Matthews

Weekend Poems: Breakfast
Eleanor Burleigh

Aged 7
Jean Watkins

Childhood & Plastic People
Zeng Chen

Street Scene
Peter Robinson

A Martian Writes
Michael Hutchinson

The Tarot Reading of The Fool

Stop Making Sense & Bla bla bla
Jenna Fox

Fringe Festival
Claire Dyer

When you have hope of life returning, this
Kate Noakes

Broadwood 7362
Gill Learner

A Drop in the Ocean
Lindsey Jones

Pitch of Ghosts
Vic Pickup

23rd February 2021
Kitty Hawkins

The Sofa
Tara Bermingham

Trophies on a Windowsill? & Still (monetizing) Life
Laura Rozamunda

Good to know perhaps, but nothing to be done
Kate Noakes

Heading Out
Michael Anania

The Threshold
David Brauner

Hannah Lily

Park Recollection
Liam Anslow-Sucevic

Rhianna Bryon

Ephemerality of the World
Salma Haque

The August Elvis Died
Gill Learner

Michael Anania

Hit Me Gently
Daisy Dickens

Park Recollection

Those dark-green swings, the chains
from which we’d desperately cling
reaching about six-to-seven feet
feeling the wind
wallop along our faces.

How suddenly the rusted chains
would slump under
the substantial snap of gravity.

The swings were right by
the dark-olive grove,
where my mates and I would
spend hours playing hide-and-seek,
and stare up at light bleed
through the hall of leaves.

As years passed, that park and grove
were razed to the ground,
replaced for just another
costly apartment complex.

Now, a kind of sorrow grows
as the memory lives beyond
its source, like the radiance from
a long-dead star.

Biography: Liam Anslow-Sucevic was born in Milton Keynes. He is currently studying for a PhD in English Literature, producing a collection of poetry and an accompanying critical commentary. He enjoys running, writing, and film.

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