An Alcoholic Alphabet

An annoying start to the day.
Blink a few times to fully wake up.
Coffee, always the first thought.
Doubt I even have any though.
Extremely pissed off.
Foreign thoughts enter my mind.
‘Go buy some’
Hate myself.
I’ll leave it for future me to deal with.
Juice. Kellogg’s. Liqueur.
Must stop drinking.
Noted on fridge.
Oscar winning lie.
Proceed to remove note.
Questionable action.
Rum. Sambuca. Tequila.
Unity of addiction.
Variety of alcohol.
Waste of money, thoughts, and time.
Wish I stop.
Wish water could help.
Xanax could help.
Yes. Yes to both. Yes to both at the same time.
Zymurgy—a formal name for the process of fermentation.