You were sharper than I thought—
a deeper wound.
I hadn't meant to push so hard
but your lips singed mine
and I choked on the smoke.
You never knew how alarming
it was to love you.
That when one twin flame
engulfs the other—it starves.
So I drank in their oxygen,
waiting to be extinguished.
At least then I could breathe
without you.
I had forgotten how to live
without spitting fire.
You made me stand too close—
charred my heart into coal,
igniting me for your warmth.
Sometimes I miss that poison,
the comfort of known pain;
but they won't rescue you twice
from the same burning building.
Now I've scattered your ashes,
I must rise from mine.

Biography: I'm a 3rd year English Literature student who fell in love with poetry through Shakespeare's sonnets. I'm interested in spoken word poetry, and I focus on the sound of my work as much as its content. I'm a big fan of the poets under Button Poetry at the minute and I look forward to following their work as the company expands.