Evensong on Scratby Beach

A tribe of sparrows shadow the concrete.
Curlews swell against a broiling sun.

Marram and sandwort sew the esplanade to a viridian sea.
The burr hoists the tide—split mirrors reflecting fragile wings.

Flocks melt into a double helix
freckles on the cheeks of the sky.

These are glimpses through black poplars
sketches of horizon, songs with unbroken refrain.

Biography: Kitty Hawkins received two awards for her undergraduate poetry collection, Acoustics, at the University of Reading. She graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, in 2022 with a Master's in Creative Writing. Kitty won the 'Magdalena Young Poets' award, 2022. Her work can be found at www.seedlingpoets.com, and is forthcoming at www.autofocuslit.com/mag.