We’ve been here. Already. The storm and the chaos of the passing permanence. The shift and the collapse in the ground beneath our feet. We’ve sat in this room before, and we’ve already seen the imminent collapse and the inevitable reconstruction. Hold on to what has always been the unchanging behind the surface of a continuous change.

You know we’ve been here before. Inability to locate solidity, security, safety in all its solid forms. We’ve been here before where the infinite freedom, the infinite possibilities of life, the boundless confusion trembles your heart with dread of the liberating strangeness of your surroundings.

We’ve been here before where death is nearer than life. Where your beating heart and racing mind metamorphosises into a fatal weapon against your peace, detaching themselves from you, replacing their familiarity with fear and isolation.

Remember that here is where we have already been and forget the illusory importance of safety. Embrace the storm and the lightning and see them as the interchanging parallel to the sun and the summer breeze.

Let us sit on the surface of the turbulent water and do not let yourself drown. The sky and the ground, the mind and the body will come into one and the longed-for silence will replace the commotion.

We’ve been here before and to this place we will return.