unlike the rain
you stayed for three months
soft skin on skin
all smiles and whispers
the promise of love
with no condition
petals and palms
a pink unfurling
from innocence blossomed
that first true spring
precious treasure
serene in my arms
through dappled sunlight
a gilded girl
your blue-grey eyes
pools of longing I knew
fed salt-crusted cheeks
which mourned the unspoken
a trace of goodbye
the last of the water
left life without life
my terminal heartbreak
the deafening silence
drowned out by my grief

Biography: I'm a 3rd year English Literature student who fell in love with poetry through Shakespeare's sonnets. I'm interested in spoken word poetry, and I focus on the sound of my work as much as its content. I'm a big fan of the poets under Button Poetry at the minute and I look forward to following their work as the company expands.