When We Meet Again

When we meet again
our hair will have grown
wilder than our patience.
Different textures, colours,
a tangled web of time
glad to unwind.

When will we meet again?
I think about this a lot
when I see the wind meet
the yearning leaves
they talk like old friends
and secretly dance together.

When we meet again
I’ll have known you more.
Would have spoken to you
excitedly, wondering like
a cloud-chaser, how it’ll be
just to feel hold sky-high hands.

When we meet again
two worlds will collide.
A stain of colour
will wash across your face.
Two meters closer
we will embrace again.

Biography: Chloe Baker is a third-year student at the University of Reading studying English Literature and Creative Writing. She has published poetry in Voices Along The Road; an anthology created to fundraise for child refugees. Her favourite thing about poetry is its capability to nurture both its authors and readers. Her poems featured here explore various experiences that she has since found sweetness within.